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The Giving Back Conference 2015

Learn cutting edge life strategies and take 2015 to the next level!

Don't be left behind in 2015 - Join us at this one day event and discover how to build more confidence, get more clarity and create more direction than ever before, so that you can break free of unwanted patterns and charge towards your goals in 2015. Join us and discover how to engineer your consciousness and create surges of energy so you feel ALIVE!

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Meet This Years Speakers

Once again we've booked the BEST of the BEST to help you remove your blocks and smash through your limiting beliefs, so that you can learn exactly what to do to create more peace, harmony and success in 2015 and beyond!

Want To Break Old Patterns?

The Subconscious Super Heroes - Tim Box & Zoe Clews are street hypnotists who will be running a 2 hour workshop at the Giving Back Conference where you'll learn how to rewire your brain for success and unlock the hidden patterns that hold you back. Release the power of your subconscious mind and finally learn how to beat procrastination. Charge towards your goals in 2015 and discover how to align with your dreams

WARNING: This live show will expand your mind and wire your brain for authentic success. After which it can never go back to the old limitations that hold you back! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!

Want To Know Your Purpose In Life?

Clare Allen and her daughter, were relaxing on the beach at the time of the Asian tsunami 26th December 2004. Thankfully they both survived. Moved by what she experienced, Clare instantly took action. Under desperate circumstances Clare started 'Rebuilding Sri Lanka' on the day of the disaster. Over the last ten years RSL project has grown and helped thousands of families, by re- housing countless children, building communities and providing continued support. Clare's presentation will not only blow you away but it will inspire you to do more and be more. If you feel lost and you are looking for your purpose in life, look no further because Clare's story will ignite something deep within you!


“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” Gandhi

Are You Ready To Create 2015?

Get ready to sky rocket your energy and catapult your life to the next level with Brett Moran's crazy (yet proven) life enhancing strategies. Brett is the Founder of GBC and will share his simple formula for engineering consciousness and tapping into pure energy so you can have more passion,excitement, and enthusiasm in 2015!  Brett will show you how to separate from the crazy story inside your head (and your negative thoughts) and shift out of the heavy emotions so that 2015 is a breeze. Brett will give you his personal formula for getting rid of life's stress and worry so that you can celebrate your life with greater ease and clarity.

Do You Want More Love In Your Life?

Are you ready for a positive and loving relationship that fulfils you? Would you to like be accepted for who you are and totally and free to be yourself? Are you ready to make the rest of your life the best of your life? - If you have answered yes to at least one of these questions, then the strategies Wendy Fry will offer you in here Find YOU, Find LOVE workshop will not only teach you how to be the best that you can be they will also act as your personal resource guide that will guide you through a step by step process of how to get out of your own way so that you can experience the love that you truly deserve.

Do You Want A Peaceful & Creative Mind?

In October 2010 following a six month meditation retreat on the Isle of Skye in Scotland Robert arrived in Dorset jobless, broke and homeless. In less than two years he created his successful company organization, the Dorset Mindfulness Centre. Since then over a 100 people have gone through his unique 8-Week mindfulness course. He also founded the Mindfulness Workplace Wellbeing Initiative offered across Dorset HealthCare to all 5000 staff and in 2013 he was awarded the finalist price of the NHS Chief Executive’s Award for Innovation. He is a former Zen Buddhist monk, mindfulness trainer, a director and author of Managing Depression with Mindfulness for Dummies. What is mindfulness? Mindfulness will help you to tune into your own inner creative resource and positive potential so you can change the relationship with your critical and negative thinking. Robert's presentation will inspire and equip you with the latest cutting edge information on the neuroscience of happiness and give you lots of practical tips that will empower you to make meaningful and lasting changes in your life.

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Only £97 Until Jan 24th | £147 On Jan 25th

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Profits From This Years Conference Will Be Donated To Rebuilding Sri Lanka

Rebuilding Sri Lanka has been active since the day of the disaster and continues to provide support, rehabilitation, nutrition, education and shelter to those affected by the disaster. The project continues to raise funds and uses them to sustain the many projects initiated since the tsunami.

Funds are used in a way that is not divisive with the core value ‘to give without taking the dignity of the beneficiary’. Rebuilding Sri Lanka recognizes that the effect of the tsunami extends well beyond those who suffered physical damage and extends a grateful thanks to the The Giving Back Conference for its valuable support to help continue the work.

100% Authentic Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you walk away from The Giving Back Conference and you’re not feeling inspired, satisfied and pumped up to change your life then will gladly give you all your money back 100% no questions asked – That’s our authentic guarantee!

The Quicker Your Register The More You Save

Only £97 Until Jan 24th | £147 On Jan 25th

The Venue

Hallmark Hotel Bournemouth

Durley Chine Road. Bournemouth. Dorset. BH2 5JS. Tel: 01202 751 000

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