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Wake The F#ck Up is a manifesto for personal change, presented with humour and wisdom from one man who’s been through the mill and come out the other end.

About The Book

Humorous and wise, gritty and real, Brett Moran knows the score about transformation: he went from crackhead to clean; drug dealer to life coach; inmate to public speaker; binge drinker to yoga addict; stealing cars to writing books; and staring through the bars of a prison cell to making a documentary about love and kindness. In this book he shares his story, and the tools and techniques he’s learnt on his journey to Wake The F#ck Up so you can do the same.

“Up to that point dealing drugs, getting high, scamming people, and not giving a fuck about anyone else but myself just felt normal, something I did, and who I was. The truth is I was so lost in the chaotic world I had created; crack cocaine had sucked me in after my first pipe!

On this particular night, as I blew out a cloud of crack fumes and my brain buzzed off the last evil and delicious hit, I turned and looked at my mate and told him what the loud voice said in my head, ‘I’m going to sort my shit out and write a book about it.’ He laughed in my face and called me a nutta! Quite right too, I was fucked!”

Excerpt From Wake The F#ck Up

About The Author

A former drug dealer, crack addict and young offender, Brett Moran knows all about transformation. From prison inmate to life coach, his online products, workshops and community projects over the last 10 years have earned him a reputation as a powerful agent for change along with a Princes Trust Award, a Un LTD award, and a feature role in the groundbreaking film Choice Point alongside Sir Richard Branson, Jack Canfield and Desmond Tutu.

His first documentary One Thing Leads to Another features other well known change-makers and authors such as the Bare Foot Doctor, Neal Donald Walsch, Dr. David Hamilton, a Tibetan monk and many more. Brett now coaches people all around the world using simple, effect and transformation tools. 

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Only 279 Copies Left